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Deadly Poison
[Continued from here]

Lindsey's breath is hot and heavy in my ear, the warmth spreading over my neck and making me arch up towards him with want. His body is hard and heavy against mine, pinning me hard to the bed as I let a bit of control slip to him, the want and need for someone else to have the power becoming almost too much for me.

It's amazing how much can change in a day, how much you can find yourself not who you were when you went to sleep. The scariest of all? Finding out you need someone much more than you ever planned on.

"Ready for me, baby?"

I nod quietly, unable to trust my voice and worried that it's going to give away something I don't want it to. Swallowing hard I bend my leg up and wrap my thigh around his waist and edge my body closer to his. "Yes," I pant softly, leaning up as best I could to him to nip and bite playfully at his skin. "Can't...can't wait."

There's a feeling in my stomach and I feel thankful that I made him feed me before, the mixture of lust and hunger would have been too much for me to hold back on.

Lapping softly at Lindsey's neck I rock my hips up to his, waiting for him to stop teasing me and giving me what I know we both want - and need - now. I can feel my face shift, the bones and muscles pulling and shifting to bring out the monster inside of me again.

I close my eyes and try to make it go away, I need to remember that Lindsey isn't like Spike; not at all. I can't bite him during sex or foreplay, Lindsey's human and he doesn't heal as fast as a vampire could. The last thing I need or want right now is to hurt the one person that's on my side.

Suddenly, I feel Lindsey's hand in my hair, pulling my face up to look at his as I gaze at him through yellow eyes. I feel his grip on me tighten again and even though I know I could get out, I find that I don't want to. I need this right now.

I need him.
WH Signature
[Continued from here.]

It’s been a long night and I’m starting to feel it in my bones, taking the seat at the bar that Lorne gestures towards and resting my folded arms on the counter, trying to pretend it’s not the only thing that’s holding me up at the moment. "Not sure what you want, Lindsey. You know that all this is gonna end you up in shambles." I glance at Lorne with a stubborn frown.

“I know what this looks like, with my track record,” I mutter. “This is different. Tara’s got a soul. And you didn’t exactly mind Angel in your club.” Slouched over the bar, my voice has lowered enough that I’m pretty much talking to myself like a crazy person. Great, that’ll really assure him of my sanity. If I could just sleep for a couple minutes…

But I’m not about to shut my eyes before I’m sure that Tara’s taken care of. I’ve seen how quickly things can get turned around. And I’ve seen that she’s a danger to herself, even more than she is to me. So I smile encouragingly at her when she glances towards me. “It’s okay.” Ducking her head like she’s pretending that she’s alone, she very quietly starts to sing.

She’s got a pretty voice. I don’t recognize the song, something soft and country, but the low, easy tone has me smiling and wishing that she’d keep singing. I look over to try to gauge Lorne’s reaction to her, startled to find that his eyes are locked on me. He’s supposed to be reading her, isn’t he?

Tara trails off at the end of a verse, obviously wondering if she has to keep singing until he tells her to stop, and I rest my hand on her knee with another smile. “Didn’t tell me you were a good singer,” I murmur, rubbing my thumb over the denim of her jeans. “You could’ve had me out of here with one song, darling.”

I turn to Lorne, not liking the look in his eyes one bit. “What’s the damage, man? Where are we supposed to go from here? And I’ll tell you straight up that if you feed me some bullshit line about our paths going in different directions…” I shake my head, not sure what threat I’d be willing to give to my only true friend in this town. “Just don’t, okay?” I finish quietly, bracing myself for whatever he’s going to tell us.
Devil Inside
[Continued from here]

The way he fills me, presses into me and stops this aching that I have inside me. Even if it's for a moment it's just what I need, what I crave right now.

"God... yeah, like that..."

I rock my hips slowly and with determined movements against his hips, feeling him gasp and arch with each circle of my hips. Nothing about this night - or this man - was anything like I expected or planned. I wanted an easy meal, someone jaded and wrong enough that I wouldn't feel bad hurting. Someone that I could seduce and bite till they pass out so I could slip out the door.

But that's not what I got when I let Lindsey buy me a drink. He brought a new playing field and a new game to the table, one that I was still learning the rules too.

"You beautiful thing,"

His voice is low and hips rock up with me, leaving me gasping with each movement and there's a willingness in his eyes that takes me off guard and makes me dig my nails into his skin.

I lean down and press my body close to his, my nipples hard and pressing against the hard cut muscles of his chest. Every movement heightening everything inside me and making it seem almost as if the air in the room was crackling. "Careful Lindsey, I could be dangerous." I purr softly in his ear, moaning and panting against his skin, feeling him slide deep inside me.

His hands dig into my hair and I tip my face away from him, giving him my neck and moaning heavily when he starts kissing my skin, nipping and biting just enough to get a soft growl to escape my throat. "Want you, I want to have all of you." I whisper heavily, feeling my fangs start to break free as my face shifted in the darkness.

I could do this...I had to do this. I could feel how close we both were to coming and I was going to take that to my advantage.

"Harder." I pleaded softly in his ear, rocking my hips a bit harder against him, licking my fangs before lapping at his neck. I didn't want to kill him and I didn't want to cause him any hurt. I want to try and do this as painless as I can and hope for the best.

With effort I force my face to turn back to the act that I wear so well, pulling back to smile down at him, a mixture of lust and want on both of our faces. "Oh god..." I bite my lip and bend back down, keeping my face in his neck, my breath hot against his skin as I rock my hips against his, feeling his fingers digging n my thighs and pulling me closer to him.

I'll wait till he comes, that way...yeah, it'll be easier that way...

"Not beautiful." I rasp against his throat. "Dangerous, deadly...never know what's around the corner for you baby...could be more than you bargained for..." I taunted, nipping him roughly before sitting up in the bed, gripping the headboard and using that to hold myself as I rocked deeper onto him.

"Fu...." My eyes rolled up and I gasped and moaned, tightening around him hard as he pressed deeply into me, using my leverage to impale myself on him as deep and hard as either of us could take. "Lindsey....Lindsey....Don't stop...oh god..."
12th-Jan-2006 10:46 pm - Just one of those nights
Touching Evil
Three years back...

Maybe it’s the adrenaline overload of having a job where you’re never entirely confident that you’ll live to see the weekend. Maybe it’s the fact that I was wheeling and dealing with a clan of the nastiest warlocks in this zip code before I finished my morning coffee. Maybe it was the baby-eating Lamia who sneered at me from under her cloak when I first came down the stairs, proving that one of the foulest, evilest creatures in this room was actually me

Whatever it is, demon bars just don’t hold the same appeal for me these days.

I’m choking on the smoke-thick air that I used to lose myself in, feeling alien and out of place, even in this haven for freaks. I don’t belong anywhere anymore, except in front of a wide-eyed jury of the innocent, lying through my practiced smile.

I claim a barstool and nod for the usual. Numbness in a glass.

Christ, this is gonna be a bad night, isn’t it? I glance around the place for Lorne, but the green guy’s nowhere to be found tonight. Frowning, I turn back to the bar, mumbling my thanks when the bartender slides me my drink. I’ll tip him well tonight simply for not asking how my day went. I loosen my tie with restless jerks, dragging my fingers through my too-neat hair before taking a slug of the T’n’T. I’d better watch myself; there might not be violence allowed in the club, but if I wander outside like this, I think I might find myself looking an awful lot like an easy mark.

Shaken out of my memories by the sound of a dish breaking in the back (Sure as hell not coming out of my meager paycheck...), it's almost a shock to find myself in this same damn place, despite the fact that almost everything else in my life has changed. I've lost more than just the tie and the courtroom sleaze. I've lost my direction, my place in this epic mess. Still not good enough to be one of the tried-and-true White Hats and I left Wolfram & Hart without looking back...

I should quit moping and count my lucky stars that Lorne's letting me earn my supper here while I lay low. Mystical tat's aside, I can't exactly roam the streets of L.A. as a free man just yet. So here I am, stuck hiding out in the place that has always reminded me so damn acutely of the fact that I don't belong anywhere at all.

Rolling my stiff shoulders, I glance to my left, almost jumping when I find that I’m being watching. By … wait for the punch line … a normal human girl. A very pretty blonde girl, who smiles shyly when I return her gaze, tucking her hair behind her ear with the kind of tentative gesture that makes me think she shouldn’t be in here.

She doesn’t have a glass in front of her, but I raise my drink to her, waiting until she meets my eyes before taking a sip.

“Not drinking tonight?” I ask her, just loud enough to be heard over the noise from the stage. There’s something intense about her eyes, something that keeps me from looking away. Makes me wish she’d move a bit closer so I could see her properly. “Or will you make my night by letting me buy you something?”
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